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House Hunting Made Easier!

Searching for a house can be a stressful process at times. Having your ducks in a row and working with a professional realtor can make the process a lot easier.

First thing- Get A Per-Approval

The biggest stresses can be getting financing in place. Finding a home you love to find out you don’t qualify financially can be heart breaking. Call a mortgage broker or a mortgage specialist and find out what you can afford, and get a second opinion.


Just because you were pre-approved for an X amount doesn’t mean you should spend that much. Look at all your bills and expenses and the things you spend money on occasionally (dinners, movies, sports etc). You don’t want to be mortgage poor, you want to enjoy your home.

Your must haves

Make a list of your wants and needs. Finding a home that has both on a budget may be tricky depending on the market. Prioritize the needs and you may need to get creative at times.

Finding the professional that will work not only for you but with you

Not all realtors are the same. Talk to a few and do your research, find the one that you feel most comfortable with. You and that agent may be spending a lot of time together make sure its a good match!!!!!!!