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Home Inspections and Their Benefits

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Home Inspections and Their Benefits

Working largely with buyers I recommend getting a home inspection whenever possible especially as a first time home buyer. Our current market is getting active again and with multiple offers happening there is not always time  to get one put into the offer. However there is a possibility to have one done prior to submitting one.

What is a home inspection? 

A licenced  professional  performs the visual inspection. The purpose of this is to tell the buyers what the current condition of the home is and what maintenance needs to be done to keep things running smoothly.  Another important thing that is talked about is what future expenses the buyer will have to budget for (ex. furnace, windows etc).

What does an inspector look at?

The inspector can only do a visual inspection but if they have proper certification and training they will know what to look for.

On the exterior the roof, eaves troughs, gutters, drainage, foundation, brick and or siding are all loooked over.

On the interior the attic, insulation, electrical, plumbing, basement, HVAC system and more are inspected.

When you receive your report the inspector will go over it with you. No home is ever perfect no matter the age, so there will always be minor things to do. Maintenance is key to the up keep of your home, checking it over in the fall and spring can be a time saver and avoid a lot of unexpected aggravation.


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